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Acute & Chronic Injury Care

Movement Based Rehabilitation

Programs & Workshops

Approximately 90% of the time, pain is the end result of improper body mechanics resulting from chronic, overstressed muscle tension.

The goal is to identify and resolve faulty body mechanics with a structured treatment and rehabilitation plan, designed to improve activities of daily living and quality of life.

The body is an amazing, complex and dynamic healing machine. Epic Physiotherapy works on the belief that all humans are designed to heal, regardless of complexity of the injury or disability.

Individual Rehabilitation

A combination of treatments is included in
an individual assessment and treatment.

Workshops & Programs

Specific to your workplace,
sport and movement goals.

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An Epic is defined as the story of the rises and falls of a hero on their journey.

Epic Physiotherapy began with a basic philosophy; to see each client as the hero of their own journey. The therapist is the guide for you, helping you navigate the particularly challenging times of injury, pain and dysfunction. The goal is for clients to have long lasting change.

This comes from identifying the cause of the pain or underlying muscle tension that results in the movement dysfunction, especially in chronic or recurring situations in order to fully resolve the issue.


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A doctor’s referral is not required to receive physiotherapy services unless required by a third party payer (ie: some benefit packages do require a doctor’s referral to claim reimbursement). ICBC does not require a doctor’s referral or adjuster pre-approval for physiotherapy treatment following motor vehicle accidents.