Healing injuries is not always simple. There are almost always a number of factors – the injured area itself with inflammation and healing times to consider, the cause or reasons behind the injury as well as personal past movement history. This includes mental and emotional as well as physical well being… With all this to consider, it takes detective skills to discern what the appropriate actions to heal an injury will be. 
That detective piece is probably what I love the absolute most about being a physiotherapist. Getting to discover newly with each client how an injury, disease or dysfunction came to be in order to treat not only the symptom but the cause. While pretty much every injury or illness has the potential to be self diagnosed on the internet, I’ve been noticing an awesome trend recently where clients are coming in with a reasonable understanding of what injury. Their request of me is helping them understand the ‘why’. They understand they have biceps tendonitis but why? They understand they have patella femoral pain syndrome but why? They haven’t changed their shoes or training schedule? They haven’t changed their work environment? Why them and not their team mate or colleague? They appear to be doing the same movements out there in the world but there’s something not functioning optimally that resulted in injury. 
Besides the detective work it takes to identify the cause, I love this trend because it also has come along with some client responsibility. More and more I’m seeing people coming in who GET that 3 words can transform not just their injury but their health and their entire life.
Do. The. Work. 
Those that get results know that in order to heal, they have to do the work. I can listen, guide, educate and empower. Different modalities can help to reduce inflammation or gate pain signals and release muscle tension. To get results though, you have to show up. You have to do the work.
So as we move today into this season of Fall, consider what it looks like to do the work to heal whatever injury you are struggling with. There’s no magic formula. The clients I am seeing that are getting amazing results are simply doing the work to show up, ask the questions, take the education, get curious, do the exercises and be accountable.
Recognize no one can do the real work but you.  

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Sarah understands and believes that the body is designed to heal from injury and regain balance to provide effortless, pain free movement.