Initially my intention was not to get to philosophical for a physiotherapy blog post but when it comes to humans, I’ve been thinking recently about how we are made of movement. The quote up in my office states:

“After all we are made of movement. Anything stagnant, both in the body and the mind, keeps us from finding our true self.”

That’s so true to me – when you can’t move the way you want to due to restriction or pain, it’s much more challenging (although definitely not impossible!)  to be living authentically! We are always moving, even at the smallest molecular levels while our bodies may look stationary! Injury disrupts our natural movement but since we are made of trillions of molecules, moving all the time, there’s a lot of of potential for healing there which is exciting if we are willing to put the work in. Pay attention to your movement – where are you stagnant? Do you compensate around the restriction or do you work through it?

I write and talk about becoming curious a lot so when it comes to how your body is moving, I encourage you to take a moment and see how your body is really working for you… I promise, it will pay off in the end!

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Sarah understands and believes that the body is designed to heal from injury and regain balance to provide effortless, pain free movement.