A registered physiotherapist with a unique clinical perspective.

Sarah Hrabi, MPT of Epic Physiotherapy to their staff of trained clinicians. Sarah Hrabi is a Registered Physiotherapist who received her Masters of Physical Therapy with a research focus on Health Behaviour Change from the University of British Columbia. She also completed a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree at the University of Guelph with an emphasis on anatomical dissection, nutrition and human physiology.

Sarah understands and believes that the body is designed to heal from injury and regain balance to provide effortless, pain-free movement. She has an interest in holistic care following acute injury as well as for chronic issues. Her movement based and neurological education and her understanding of the importance of retraining the entire body system assists clients in achieving pain-free mobility.

Clients benefit from a one on one physiotherapy assessment to identify the injury, explore muscle imbalance, bony alignment faults, scar tissue and joint mobility dysfunction, as well as any underlying acute or chronic inflammation or dysfunctional neurological pathways which may contribute to the presenting symptoms. Sarah appreciates working with a variety of populations, empowering clients by increasing their understanding of what is happening in their body through each stage of the injury process.