The Healthy Movement Blog has been silent as of late – my intention was to write weekly but my expectations of the writing I produced turned out to be too grand so I didn’t write at all. With all the information out there, in research articles, journals, newsletters, websites, blog posts and clinical conversation, I found myself paralyzed wondering if what I was going to write would be the RIGHT thing.

Still wanting to write, I started to look at how other critical thinkers write and it’s often, years later, they will return to what they had written initially and have changed or evolved their thinking based on new information they have come across. So I’ve decided to look up what exactly defines a Blog and take the pressure off myself!

“A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.”

“A discussion or informational website consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries”

I can do that!

Last year I wrote that “The Healthy Movement blog will focus on providing education on how the human being is designed to operate. It will give examples of how the body and mind are intricately connected as well as highlight a variety of ways through which healing is possible. I will use personal and case study examples as well as distilling relevant research tidbits and invite guest writers to bring their ideas to the table. It will encourage you to look deeper at the body-mind connections as they relate to healing, wherever you are on this journey.” I just thought it had to be more formal! Now I see it can be a collection of the ponderings of enthusiastic physiotherapists who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and observations.

As for me, I’m intensely passionate about how humans are designed – not just physically but how the mental, emotional and physical all work together.

It is my hope that what I write makes you think and feel. I realize that not everyone will agree with what is written here and in many ways it’s better if I suggest something you’re 100% aligned with. Take it with you for the day or the week. Discuss it with as many people as possible! Question it or try it on for size in your next activity – whether it’s getting out of bed, walking down the stairs, running a marathon or having a conversation. Perhaps in the doing so, you will discover something that’s been limiting your ability to have healthy movement for life and you can being the practice of clearing it up!

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Sarah understands and believes that the body is designed to heal from injury and regain balance to provide effortless, pain free movement.