Sarah Ronhovde - MPT, BScHK, Registered Physiotherapist

Sarah Ronhovde - MPT, BScHK, Registered Physiotherapist

About Sarah

Sarah Ronhovde completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia. With a history of national level athletics and varied work, education, and life experience, Sarah approaches each client with a holistic and innovative approach true to the Epic Philosophy: each client is the hero of their own journey. The whole person, with their individual past & present chronicles and goals for the future is considered when developing a treatment plan. Education and rehabilitative exercises for the body, mind and soul are the cornerstones of treatment she provides, alongside intentional manual therapy techniques when indicated.

“Clinician Heal Thyself!”   No stranger to the process of injury recovery, Sarah’s passion for holistic care came through observing her own body’s response to healing both acute and chronic pain; from those physically sustained on the rugby field to those impacting the mind and spirit. Her tireless commitment to understanding how we are designed to heal (and what is happening when we don’t) inspires her continued education. After finishing her MPT, she attended an intensive program in Japanese Psychology, developing her skills in addressing the mental components of recovery. She went on to complete numerous orthopaedic courses, including Level III Advanced Orthopaedic Manual Therapy.

Recognizing remaining limitations in her expertise, Sarah completed her training as a provider of tension releasing exercises (TRE ®). Through this comprehensive education, the intimate body/mind/spirit connection clarified the mechanisms by which emotions and stress significantly impact recovery.

Combined with integrating into her practice the most current research and treatment methodology for chronic pain, Sarah believes that empowering clients to be instruments of their own healing is crucial to achieving pain free mobility, for life!

My Philosophy

Physiotherapists are trained in how the human body is designed to move and in assessing and treating dysfunctions within the body. Physiotherapy’s foundations are in the study of movement; how the human body is designed to operate optimally and how to restore the body to its optimal movement function.

By definition “Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession dedicated to working with people to identify and maximize their ability to move and function throughout their lifespan”. Physiotherapists work to help clients improve their quality of life through a variety of means. Having found education, exercise and manual therapy to be the most effective, those are the cornerstones of the treatment model. Of equal importance is the philosophy. 

An Epic is defined as the story of the rises and falls of a hero on their journey. Epic Physiotherapy began with a basic philosophy; to see each client as the hero of their own journey. The therapist is the guide for you, helping you navigate the particularly challenging times of injury, pain and dysfunction. The goal is for clients to have long lasting change. This comes from identifying the cause of the pain or underlying muscle tension that results in the movement dysfunction, especially in chronic or recurring situations in order to fully resolve the issue.