Over the past 50 years, my body has seen a significant amount of trauma. I came into Sarah's office after having been in the ER at least 20 times for surgeries and broken bones with the expectation of being able to maybe run a few feet, across the road at best. Not only am I now back to playing soccer on a regular basis, I'm running my dogs every morning, eating better and have a significantly changed outlook on life and the body's capacity to heal itself. Thanks to Sarah, I feel like I have my life back in a way I never dreamed was possible.

I sought her services in response to my desire to better understand the loss of mobility I had experienced due to the medically diagnosed onset of osteoarthritis in my dominant right hand. As a result of her guidance and ongoing assessments, I have been able to regain a significant level of functionality over the past 10 months in ways the medical experts forecasted that I never would.

I went to see Sarah after a mountain biking injury. She focused on the whole system, and spent a great deal of time educating me on how these muscles and nerves worked together. Her approach was very exercise based, and it really worked.

At 21 years old I suffered a scuba diving accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. Being young strong and motivated I came out of it and was able to walk and function with many limitations. For 15 plus years I have been training and rehabbing to get back as much functionality as I possibly can. After meeting Sarah just over a year ago I have run a half marathon, the tough mudder, and overcome so many other limitations that seemed unrealistic.

Sarah took the time to review the case thoroughly, analyze my movement in a variety of different techniques and positions and explain everything to me - more than once! With her persistence, varied education and knowledge of the human body and mind, I am back to doing what I love and couldn't be more grateful.

Without Epic Physiotherapy, I would still be in my house with the body of an ailing 90-year-old (and I am not close to that age). I shuffled my bent over pain-stricken body into Sarah's office with the goal of "getting better" and "walking". Wow, did I get so much more! Epic Physiotherapy = a very caring, attuned, attentive physiotherapist who provides well-rounded treatment for her clients.